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Search for the 11th Bishop of Georgia

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The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia’s beginnings date back to the beginning of the colony itself, in 1733. In 1907, the Annual Convention of the diocese officially voted to divide, and the Diocese of Atlanta was formed. The Diocese of Georgia now comprises 69 congregations spread across roughly the lower half of the state. We are seeking our next bishop, and we hope you will be a part of our search. Whether you are a potential nominee, a faithful member of our diocese, or just a curious visitor brought here by the vagaries of an internet search, before you leave this site today, please offer a prayer for our diocese, our search, and our next bishop.

On these pages you will find the story of our diocese - who we are, how we got here, and where we believe God is calling us now. You will see all sorts of information about the Diocese of Georgia, our congregations, and our people. You will read about some of our successes and a few of our failings, about the hopes we hold and the challenges that confront us, about the community we believe ourselves to be and the person we envision the Holy Spirit drawing to us.

Mostly what you will find is a unique part of the Body of Christ at work in the southern part of Georgia, a group of imperfect lovers held together in the perfect love of Jesus Christ, committed to our common life as disciples of our Lord and witnesses to his Resurrection. Whatever brought you here, if after spending some time on these pages you decide you’d like to stay, we’d be pleased to have you.

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